Welcome to the opening website of the EUNICOP, SUNICOP and DUNICOP projects!

In the framework of the IPA programme, since 2010, the Law Faculties of the University of Pécs and J.J Strossmayer University in Osijek have developed a successful multi-layered cooperation in the field of law. The original idea of the EUNICOP project was to resuscitate the scientific cooperation that was more vivid earlier and to promote interpersonal academic dialogue as well as to develop common teaching materials.

The first year of the cooperation showed an unexpected result: we learnt that there were much greater potentials and commitment in the academic and technical staff and leaders of our faculties towards the actual possibilities of collaboration than we might have imagined. This experience necessarily led us to the submission of the second (SUNICOP) and the third (DUNICOP) applications, which were selected in the evaluation procedures of the competent authorities. In each project we promoted common research activities between Croat and Hungarian academic researchers, organised conferences where research results could be presented and published books in English, Croatian and Hungarian, which books are also available on our website.  As for teaching activities, we have established a common ground for offering new courses in English on cross-border, European and regional studies in both faculties. In these courses teaching is conducted by Croat and Hungarian lecturers who have taken the opportunity to work together on the development of teaching materials; students are recruited from both faculties; in the Sunicop project, besides the autumn and spring courses, we organised even a summer school. By these events, we have successfully created an international environment for students and lecturers as well. It has also been important that the University of Pécs, as a Lead Beneficiary of the projects, can share best practises on tendering and project management and quality management issues. That is why organising workshops for discussing cross-border and European calls and the management of selected projects from the application phase to the submission of final reports is a continuous effort.

We have also understood the demand and request of Strossmayer University to learn more about the actual operation of quality management at the institutional and faculty level; therefore, in the DUNICOP project, we are organising roundtable discussions where we can share our experiences and good practices.

We are grateful for the IPA project that has provided us with the framework of cooperation and the Deans of the faculties, who have never doubted our success and by their continuous encouragement they have never stopped supporting us. We also thank our fellow researchers and lecturers for their never-ending enthusiasm and highly professional contributions. We are mentioning students last, but this fact does not mean that they have contributed to our projects just peripherally, as they were the target group of our curricula development activities.

Tímea Drinóczi and Mirela Župan

on behalf of the management team of the projects